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Lectures on APD are offered to meet the needs of the specific group. The most common topics are: APD, Buffalo Model, Buffalo Battery of Tests, Buffalo Model Therapies


A private practice specializing in APD

APD Lectures, Workshops and Demonstrations

These are provided to professional and other groups to meet their specific interests. These may include evaluation and management of APD or related topics. The most common workshops are: APD, The Buffalo Model, Evaluation, Therapy, Basic SSW, Advanced SSW. Workshops are one or two day programs.

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For the following information, please contact Educational Audiology Association 700 McKnight Park Drive, Suite 708 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 or 800-460-7322 or www.edaud.org or email at: [email protected]

Therapy for APD: Simple Effective Procedures

This book by Jack Katz (2009) provides detailed background information, instructions, and results for various APD therapy procedures that the author has developed and used over several decades. There is also basic information about APD and other topics.

Buffalo Model Questionnaire – Revised (BMQ-R)

This brief questionnaire provides invaluable information for case finding, validating test results and assessing therapeutic benefits for Buffalo Model procedures (Katz and Zalewski, 2011).

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For the following information, please contact: Precision Acoustics 13410 SE 26th Circle Vancouver, WA 98683 or 360-447-8403 or www.precisionacoustics.org  or email at:  [email protected]

Central Test Battery-CD

A CD with seven tests of auditory processing disorder that are used with audiometer presentation. Tests below may be purchased indivually.

SSW Test

The Staggered Spondaic Word Test – A classic test of APD (most commonly used test by audiologists who do this work) that can be normed for ages 5 through 69 years and for individuals who have hearing loss. An additional analysis is used for sight of lesion testing.

Phonemic Synthesis Test

An important measure of phonemic decoding – normed for ages 6 through 59 years.

Phonemic Synthesis – Picture Test

A PS test for young children – multiple choice procedure for preschool children.

Speech-in-Noise Test

Assesses ability to understand words in noise – normed for ages 5 through 59 years.

Phonemic Synthesis Therapy Kit

An excellent program for remediating phonemic decoding problems – this has been used for many years for preschool age through adults.

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For the following information, please contact: Upstate Advanced Technologies, 12 Shadow Vale Drive, Penfield, NY 14526 585-381-3459 [email protected]

Words in Noise Therapy Program

This program is used to improve a person’s ability to understand speech in a background of noise. There are two versions. One is for those who have a 2-channel audiometer (WINT-3) and the other for those who do not, but have a good quality CD player (WINT-1).

SSW-Plus Computer Program

Calculate, interpret & recommend & more for the 3 Buffalo Model Tests

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For the following information, please contact: Dr. Kim Tillery 29 Harwood Dr. Snyder, NY 14226 or [email protected]

SSW Reports

This publication provided detailed and timely information about APD for 38 years. It has been replaced by TiCAP which also comes out 4 times a year and is free.  Please contact Dr. Tillery.

Topics in Central Auditory Processing

This publication presents a very wide view of CAP by many authors and contributors. To get TiCAP vial email please contact Dr. Kim Tillery.

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Handbook of Clinical Audiology

Standard graduate text in the field of Audiology in the US and elsewhere.