Dr. Jack Katz

Although I receive lots of help and support from friends, colleagues and family, my entire professional staff is me. This makes for an efficient office and no interpersonal problems.

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    Jack Katz Ph.D.


    Since 1962 Jack Katz has given 100s of talks, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Most of his workshops deal with CAP or the SSW test.


    B.A. 1956 Speech – Brooklyn College
    M.S. 1957 Audiology & Speech Pathology – Syracuse University
    Ph.D. 1961 Audiology – University of Pittsburgh

    Positions Held:

    1956-7 Speech Therapist
    Syracuse (NY) Department of Health

    1957-8 Speech & Hearing Therapist
    Bd. Coop Ed Services – Cayuga Co., NY

    1961-2 Assistant Professor
    Northern Illinois University – DeKalb, IL

    1962-5 Assistant Professor
    Tulane University School of Medicine
    New Orleans, LA

    1965-74 Director Hearing, Speech, Education Department
    Menorah Medical Center
    Kansas City, MO

    1972-3 Senior Fulbright Lecturer
    Ankara, Turkey

    1974-2002 Professor – Communicative Disorders & Sciences
    University at Buffalo (NY)

    2002-3 Distinguished Visiting Professor
    Hearing and Speech Department
    University of Kansas Medical Center
    Kansas City, KS

    2003- Research Professor
    University of Kansas Medical Center
    Kansas City, KS

    2004- Auditory Processing Service
    5200 W. 94th Terrace, Suite 200
    Prairie Village, KS 66207